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Equipping your workforce for success

If you are interested in investing in creating a highly motivated workforce, then you are someone who is tapped into the most significant and powerful return on investment that exists in any industry. Without engaged employees, you are going to be fighting a constant battle waged against you and your efforts. This often happens subtly—under the radar. Unmotivated employees are often a symptom of a far bigger issue that undermines all that you are trying to accomplish. Do NOT neglect this!

    Tailored Leadership Training
    This training takes place after an initial consultation to learn what your specific concerns are. Then, training is custom-developed to help achieve your specific goals.

    Organizational Change
    Training and/or Consultation

    The typical approach towards changes in your organization is to make the technical and structural changes first and then sell your staff on those changes so they move into implementation. When that doesn’t work well (and it won’t), threats become your final “tool” for control. This will certainly doom your efforts. Why? Because staff, often unconsciously, will sabotage your efforts because their input and voices have not been heard. This is called VOIC. Voice of Internal Customer. And, if you want your changes to succeed, you will want to listen to the VOIC! This training shows you how to manage organizational change in a way you’ve never experienced before to bring you effective and lasting results.

    Fundamentals of Take-it-to-Great Leadership
    Your agency leaders would not be where they are if they were not exceptional in some way. The reality is that many win promotions into influence without any leadership training. They often have many questions about how to deal wisely with their direct reports. Or, sadly, many use their position to magnify themselves instead of the organization’s mission. This training covers the fundamentals of effective quality leadership.

    Intermediate Take-it-to-Great Leadership
    This training expands on those principles gained in the fundamentals class. The focus in this training is staff development using various tools and inventories to ignite the creative talents in your team and turn them to major wins for your organization.

    Advanced Take-it-to-Great Leadership
    This training focuses on the attributes and characteristics that make great leaders great. What are those qualities? Whom do you admire with those qualities? How do you develop those qualities? A large part of the answer is waiting to be tapped from the depths of who your already are. This is a personal and powerful training for all those who are committed to becoming a significant and meaningful influence in their public and private lives.

    The Power of Authenticity
    Have you ever heard of the “It” factor? It’s that secret something that someone has that makes them a star. All too often we hide who we are in anticipation of what we think someone else wants or expects from us. In an effort to protect that soft underbelly that exists for most of us, we suppress the very factors that hold the secret to our success. Generate the kind of relationships within your organization that transform the energy of your group from lagging or hostile to one of unity and purpose. Bring the “it” factor to you and your agency.

    Voice of Customer (VOC and VOIC)
    For those who learn to listen strategically, success is not far away. The customer tells us what we need to do to succeed, not the other way around! The better we listen, the better we can respond to what our internal and external customers crave. Learn how to ask the right questions, learn how to listen, learn how to respond, and you’ll discover the secret to your success.

    How to Conduct Effective Incident Investigations and Dramatically Reduce Risk
    We offer one and two day classes to teach you how. After this training, you will be equipped to investigate major and minor incidents with skill and dramatically reduce future risk.

    ID/DD/MI training for Law Enforcers In many states, training for police on intellectual disabilities and mental illness is now required. Contact us for training that provides insight as well as practical interactive strategies.

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