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Lean Six Sigma Services

Want to improve speed, quality and cost of your service or project but don’t quite know how? We can facilitate what is called DMAIC (pronounced “Duh-MAY-ick”). We help you Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. This process stimulates the creative thinking within your team and keeps it focused on what is necessary and enhancing to outstanding success in your service, project, or program.

Process Mapping
Do you spend a lot of time orienting new employees? Do you need to develop a new work process or improve an existing one? Do you find a lot of incidents occurring within a process? We facilitate what is known as Process Mapping to address any or all of these issues to design a process that is clear, safe, efficient, and effective.

Swim-lane (deployment) solutions
Is there a lot of conflict within a team or group? Can it be that roles and process are not entirely clear and some feel they are carrying more of the workload while others slacking? Contact us to facilitate a visual deployment strategy using the swim-lane process to reduce confusion and create an equitable, smooth work environment.

Collecting VOC/VOIC Surveys
Would you like to have a clear view of what your internal and external customers think about your service or some specific aspect of your service? We offer survey development and deployment. Because responses are anonymous and managed by an independent and impartial entity, you are provided with an honest look through your customers’ eyes. You will have a clear and easy-to-interpret visual report to use in strategic planning and dashboard comparisons of improvements over time. The VOC and VOIC are an often untapped secret to advancing your program

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