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We facilitate the entire problem-solving process

We provide you with accurate, straightforward analysis and solutions to incidents both large and small using a highly visual cause and effect mapping tool. We show you exactly what happened and why it happened. Then, you will witness strategic solutions emerge almost effortlessly from the analysis! You and your team will clearly see what is going on and find yourselves delighted at the results of your risk reduction from that point forward. We facilitate the entire process to make it easy for you.

Training on how to conduct the problem-solving process

Achieve true risk reduction and advance your reputation for quality services by training your staff on the cause mapping technique. We offer one and two day classes to teach you how. After this training, you will be better equipped to address major and minor incidents with skill to dramatically improve your company’s profile.

Call 412-337-1620 for a free phone consultation or if you prefer, write for more information on the Ask Me page.

Contact us: (412) 337-1620 · info@takeittogreat.org

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