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Our Mission:
Take-it-to-Great identifies and solves difficult problems in your human service agency. We help you convert those solutions into strategies that promote your organization’s success. Our tools integrate cutting edge leadership strategies with Lean Six Sigma quality practices.

Our Values:
Service: Serving others is paramount to all we think, say and do.
Entrepreneurial: We create, innovate, and problem solve for challenges in human service industries.
Effective: We work until we provide a response that is effective for you.
Efficient: We relentlessly expand our value while ruthlessly attacking waste.
Ethical: We work to do the right thing -- this time, next time, every time.
Growing: We grow personally and professionally to generate an ever more effective and dynamic service team.

Our Vision:
We envision becoming the most valuable human service consulting resource currently available to anyone reading this page. We see ourselves achieving this through reasonably priced services while delivering highly effective solutions that “WOW” our customers.

From the CEO:

    As an experienced leader in the human service and healthcare fields for nearly two decades, I’ve learned that the typical methods for dealing with incidents, staff problems, system gaps, and more, are very time consuming, energy draining, costly, and all too often, grossly ineffective. More importantly, the effort to resolve an issue typically creates more problems than it solves. This leaves you and your team frustrated and vulnerable to negative repercussions at many levels. Furthermore, it leads to willing ignorance of realities leading to harmed lives, agency decline, poor reputation, scandal and failure.

    Not effectively dealing with problems is the cause of failures of any magnitude. Have you ever witnessed the thinking that often goes like this: “Hmmm, we’ve got this big expensive problem; let’s hire more people and spend more money to solve it?” So, more people are hired, but few problems are solved. This is because the new people hired repeat the same ineffective approaches that have been used all along.

    Meanwhile, a smart few are doing something right (think of those in your industry who are growing and somehow excelling). What are they doing? How are they doing it? The answer lies in how they see their problems and then how they go about leveraging their resources to solve them.

    Success is not really a secret; it’s maximizing an informed approach combined with the right tools. That’s where we come in. We welcome you to browse our services to catch a glimpse into some of the approaches and tools we use to ensure your success.

    If you want solutions that help you stand tall in your industry, give us a call at (412) 337-1620 or click on the Ask Me tab of this website to submit your question, comment, or request. You will always receive a response that is respectful, friendly and prompt.

    Warmly yours,

    Mary Nau, BA Psy; MSOL; CPHQ
    CEO, Take-it-to-Great

Mary’s Bio

Mary has served as a leader in the fields of developmental disabilities, behavioral health, and health care for nearly twenty years. After obtaining an undergraduate degree in psychology and special education certification, she began her career as a behavior specialist working with adults experiencing severe behavior challenges. She soon realized that her formal education was not adequate to address the needs that her clients faced in their everyday realities. She became a voracious reader to learn the best approaches and methods of helping. Over time, and through growing experiences, she found and shaped strategies that led to exciting successes for people whose lives had previously been marked by obstacles and monumental challenges.

The success she experienced caught the attention of leaders in Pennsylvania’s Health Care Quality Units and she was offered a position in management with the Eastern PA Health Care Quality unit. It was at this point when her leadership and consultation services began to be shaped. Contact with scores of human service agencies seeking help to address complex issues increased and effective responses through training and development was in high demand.

As years progressed, Mary became promoted into senior management positions in other companies including American Psych Systems and Community Health Connections. Through hundreds of consultations with scores of agencies and hospitals across the spectrum, she began to see clearly that few problems were actually being solved for the vast majority of these organizations. Disjointed band-aid approaches were, and continue to be, the overwhelming standard.

Mary decided to find out how the most successful industries solved their problems and achieve lasting success. Her research revealed two primary success factors: effective leadership strategies and organized problem-solving techniques. She found Six Sigma problem solving methodologies to be massively successful in multiple industries yet largely unheard of in human services. So, she obtained advanced training in Root Cause Analysis at ThinkReliability and also obtained professional certification in Health Care Quality (CPHQ) where Lean Six Sigma approaches are foundational. Mary then pursued the study of effective leadership practices at Geneva College where she obtained a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership.

Mary now serves as CEO of Take-it-to-Great where she combines her expert problem-solving abilities with the latest proven leadership advancements to take any organization to Great! Greatness, as she defines it, is “achieving beyond ‘potential’ honorably, seeing limitless possibilities and choosing wisely, always sharing generously.”

Contact us: (412) 337-1620 · info@takeittogreat.org

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